Service Area:
Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan

Glendale Kiwanis
Middle Village Chamber of Commerce

Curling Ribbon

3/16" at 500 yards

White(shown)  Yellow          Turquoise          Teal   

Silver(Flat)     Seafoam        Royal Blue         Rose

Red                 Pink(Pastel)   Blue(Pastel)      Orchid 

Burgundy        Cerise            Daffodil           Chocolate

Gold(Flat)       Lime               Purple            Robin's Egg

Emerald Green                      Forest Green

3/8" at 250 Yards

White               Black              Red               Cerise      

Pink(Pastel)      Blue(Pastel)    Orange          Yellow

Gold(Flat)        Silver(Flat)     Lime              Turquoise

Chocolate         Daffodil         Royal Blue      Purple

Emerald Green                        Forest Green

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